The History of FULLCOME

As with many other small and medium enterprises in Taiwan, FULLCOME has focused on continuously providing quality products and services for its key customers in Taiwan. We accomplish this by providing product solutions to our customers and growing our business.

The beginning

Founded in 1981, Qing Hong, the predecessor of FULLCOME, initially operated a business exporting toys, gifts and other miscellaneous goods; exporting folded straw hats which amounted to half of the United State’s gross annual imports of hats in the following year.

In 1982, while the majority of people use the Apple II, IBM brings out an early version of an office computer, the first portable computer from Osborne. To stay competitive, the company began to computerize; processing information of prototype samples, vendors, shipping, accounting, etc. in a Chinese IBM system of computers, speeding purchase order processing completion to an average of three days.

In 1984, the company acquired a new commercial office space location in Taipei, Taiwan and was recognized as one of the top exporting businesses by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

In order to correspond to the enormous appreciation of the New Taiwan dollar during 1988, FULLCOME actively transformed from exporting to importing, focusing on the domestic market. As Magna Industrial Co, Ltd., an international enterprise had demonstrated its strong management team and marketing tools, FULLCOME invested heavily in their alliance, becoming the sole distributor of Magna Brand Welding Alloys in Taiwan.


FULLCOME’s official website was launched when the company started active expansion of mobile offices and implemented customer service centers in Taiwan, namely establishing the service centers of the northern, central, southern and eastern regions, strengthening employee education, training and customer care, through modern 3D technology.


Incorporating mobile office planning, operational skills and professional maintenance techniques from Magna, FULLCOME has been growing drastically every year, establishing more than 3,000 long-term customers in Taiwan. During 2007, its annual revenue grew by 14%, which was the highest ever. The company is still actively expanding its business.