As a General Distributor for Taiwan of Magna Industrial Corporation, FULLCOME, we serve businesses and customers nationwide, including transport industry, architectural materials industry, food industry, construction industry, manufacturing industry and communication industry, with a broad range of maintenance and repair services. We hold licenses to sell welding products and processes exclusively designed for maintenance in Taiwan. We proudly serve a vast network of industrial clients in more than 30 counties and districts around Taiwan. We serve over ,000 industrial businesses, concentrated in over 30 major cities, along with advanced welding alloys and unique maintenance-oriented services.

FULLCOME is bringing it all together for over thousands of clients, comprised of industrial customers and reliable solutions for multi-industry businesses. For more than a quarter of a century, we have consistently provided innovative, reliable, high-quality, value-added products and services paired with our excellent customer care.

Today, our mission is to maximize corporate cost-efficiency, cost-effectiveness, productivity, and operations. We aim to do this by providing quality maintenance, repair and overhaul solutions both before and after the equipment starts to show signs of wear or aging, thereby keeping the equipment running in optimal condition for an even longer period of time.

We're fulfilling this vision by creating solutions for businesses and by driving innovation in the maintenance and heavy industry.